Back to the beginning

It was elk season mid September 2013.  Little did I know it, but that was the beginning of a journey for me.  As I was hunting that year I came across several slabs of granite that had been fractured off larger boulders.  I collected a few of them thinking to myself maybe I could sell a few on the newly discovered Facebook bonsai auction pages.  Since then there has been a few curves and "y's" in the road but it culminated into this small business providing soil, stands, stones and yamadori.  That was it, the humble beginnings of Summit Bonsai. 

It would also be fitting that the mountain range used as the image and logo for Summit Bonsai is the very backdrop to where Summit Bonsai began.  Nowadays while hunting, I am doing more scouting for trees and looking for slabs to haul back with me, much to the jeer of those hunting with me. 

The time is fast approaching, and has come to some parts of the country, when yamadori hunting is in full swing.  If I am able to go out this year I will be sure to share pictures and of coarse stories.  So stay tuned ...